Black Moses Was Here…

Listening to Black Moses will transport you back to an early ’90s Seattle where the music scene was blowing up, yet most bands were just struggling to be heard, get gigs and stay together long enough to get noticed.

Black Moses under I-5 in Seattle
Black Moses “Pain”

To get to the essence of who Black Moses became, we must take a few steps back to what it was like growing up in Washington State. Music was everywhere. Starting in junior high, there were already a large number of your classmates in original bands, or playing, recording and competing in the school jazz bands or talent shows galore. If you had any interest in music whatsoever, the opportunities to grow and thrive were hitting you over the head.

Chad McCollum, Shawn Psachos, Carl Smith, and myself, were lucky enough to have all these types of opportunities. Instead of travel baseball, it was essentially travel jazz band. Recording studios were everywhere, and they were cheap. I was able to record with my junior and high school jazz bands that made our own records. In high school I was already in a punk band that spent time in a studio recording a series of cassette tape releases. When I look back, that experience seems unreal in today’s world that barely gives a nod to the arts in many schools.

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