Remote Drum Tracking

Remote drum tracking for your individual song, demo or album is completed at GTown Studio in Acworth, GA. The dedicated drum recording studio is setup to get a wide range of sounds to support the desired unique mix for your project.

I look forward to helping bring your song vision to life giving you tasteful professional drum tracks to fill out your recording.

GTown Studio

Most projects receive 8 individual acoustic drums and/or percussion tracks along with the master track. I am also able to provide a video recording o the final tracking session. See our GTown Studio page at this link for a full list of available drums, instruments and recording equipment that we use.

Final tracks and video are sent to you via Dropbox.

Pricing is currently $75 per song.

Listen to a recent recording with the drums tracked by Mike’s Drum Tracking at GTown Studio at this link. See examples of the videos at this link, as well as an example of how a tracking video was recently used below.

Contact me at or 678-231-2752 (text/call) to start the conversation for your next project!

Or you can book directly through the Mike’s Drum Tracking Airgigs listing at this link.