Mike Gruwell is a professional Atlanta-area drummer working out of his home studio in Acworth, GA. In addition to drum tracking work, Mike creates his own original music featuring drums, bass, trumpet, piano and percussion. Mike also serves local churches behind the kit as a worship drummer, including West Ridge Church and New Season Church.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, Mike was the drummer for several original-music bands in Seattle, including DFL, Stone Dresden, Black Moses, Mushmouth and 420 Love.

Mike moved to Atlanta in 1997 and after a short stint with local bands began to pursue skydiving for the next 20 years. Mike, and his wife Stephanie, built and continue to run the skydiving gear retailer, education blog and parachute rigging school, ChutingStar, serving skydivers worldwide.

In 2015, Mike hopped back on the drums to serve his local church. With his creative fire reignited, Mike started writing music again, building out GTown Studio, tracking drums for others and giving drum lessons.

Mike has more than 35 years of drums and percussion experience in recording studios, live venues and churches. His wide-ranging genre experience includes rock, funk, jazz, pop, world, blues, symphonic and Christian contemporary music. Check out the videos and blog links as well as the Instagram, YouTube and Facebook links to see his recent work.