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Mike Gruwell is a professional Atlanta-area drummer available for drum lessons or your next drum tracking, studio recording or live performance. With more than 35 years experience, Mike is well versed in a wide range of music originally rooted in big band jazz and funk rock. He was previously based out of Seattle, working his way through original punk bands and jazz combos as well as playing in church in the ’80s. In the ’90s he was a member of several original rock and funk bands until moving to Georgia in 1997. He has been serving local churches as well as recording out of his home studio since 2015.

Learn more about Mike’s background in this bio, his current music equipment inside GTown Stüdio and recent recordings on YouTube at this link. Check out Mike’s discography of current and past projects at this link, and as well as his blog here. Keep up with the latest of Mike’s Drum Tracking in the social links above. For immediate contact, see the email and phone below.


In-House Remote Tracking + Video: Up to 8 stems plus master track of acoustic drums and/or percussion plus video of the drum tracking for $75 per song at GTown Stüdio. For more info and how to start the conversation on your project, click here. Or book directly through the Mike’s Drum Tracking page on Airgigs at this link.

Outside Studio Tracking: Contact me with details on project, location and dates to schedule.

Live Performance: Contact me with details on music, performance dates and location to schedule.

Lessons: Snare, Drum Set & Recording lessons available at GTown Stüdio. $20 per 30-minute lesson. For more info and how to schedule, click here.

Mike’s Drum Tracking
GTown Stüdio
Acworth GA USA
678-231-2752 (text/call)